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If you are ready for blogging, and you think let us create a website, unfortunately you are on the wrong side. There are many things that should happen before the thought of blog itself should come. The firs thing is ‘what are your blogging?!’. We will cover the most important prelaunch steps of a blog is given here.

blog prelaunch

1. Find what to blog

I hope you have ready my ‘finding you niche article‘. That discusses an excellent and easy way you can find what to blog. Know that this is going to be a long time task and you should be able to keep up the interest. And if you are planning to swing a magic wand and make it happen, I don’t know how to do that. It requires quality work. So this is the most important item in the check list. Decide what keywords users will use to find you in the net. This is an art by itself, called keyword research. But Google Adwords will help you. There are many specialized tools for that. If you can’t figure out how others should find you, then they can’t figure out either. In the future, I plan to cover these in a separate topic. For the brevity of this discussion, please know that having a handful of keywords, revolving around your niche is a must have and Google adwords can help you.


2. Gather all resources in your niche

There are forums, websites, people in the niche your are going to blog. You should collect at least some reasonable resources around it. I will discuss in another post how to as Mr. Google do this for you

3. Setup a landing page

Before you have contents and while you are working on your site, you can have a landing page. There are many benefits for a pre-launch landing site. First, you can let every one know the intent of the upcoming site. Then it is much better than a ‘under construction’ page. You can ask people to sign up for the upcoming product or site and most importantly you can judge how it is received. At a minimum level ask your friends and families about what they think about the upcoming site. Since you have lots of passion on your upcoming site; your views may be emotional than rational. Others can help.

4. Adjust themes, colors, captions etc

While your content is getting ready, you can check feedback and try different color themes and captions for your site. Setup for success. Even a caption line can have huge impact on how your site is perceived. Assuming you are providing genuine contents, you caption says “Get Rich Now” can sound like a spam site. While “Best resources to build a website” makes it look much genuine.

5. Figure out SEO method

Search Engine Optimization will be the biggest success factor for any site. More people will come to your site through web searches than any other method such as email, and direct entry. Learn the basics about it, even if you are planning to hire some one. Services such as Freelancer, oDesk will help you find a resource. Check their feedback before your give them your work.

6. Figure out the publishing frequency (editorial calendar)

The biggest cause of failure is losing interest in the project. And it is natural for anyone to have ups and down in ‘enthu'(siasm). Hold yourself accountable and setup a reasonable commitment. If you are not ready to pay better, others writing for your will end up in depression. So make up your mind that you are going to write for your site. Once you see some success, it will motivate you. Doing too much initially will burn you out. So give time for a couple of months and setup a reasonable calendar considering other priorities in life.

7. Setup Google Analytics/Webmaster/Adwords etc

These are very simple things to do. Go ahead and do it.

8. Advertise

Are you planning to advertise for your site. Decide the budget. I have done it as low as $5 a day. There is no hard and fast rule here. Adwords is the easiest of all. Test the water here before you spend too much money.

Then once you have the content, it is a matter of posting it to the blog and pressing Publish. You are all set with your blog pre-launch. Good luck!

Your suggestions are highly appreciated on this post. Did it help you? Do you have any questions? Drop a comment.

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