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We will have posts for finding revenue streams that millionaires play around. But let us keep your expectations right. Most exciting moment is making your first dollar. Once you know that you can build on it. Lots of hard work ahead if you really want the online business to be your sole livelihood. In this article, we are going to explore an easy revenue stream that requires no investment except your time and effort.

Google Adsense is our choice , even though there are many such ones. But for the time being, let us go with Adsense.

You can read about adsense from Google itself. However, for purpose of brevity, it is a service by which Google lets publishers ( big word, but you are already a publisher, if you have completed Step1 of this series).

How Adsense work?

Once you register with adsense, they will give you a piece of code that you need to copy and paste it in to your web site. Done! the Google Ads will come start showing up in your site. When your visitor clicks on the Ad, Google will share the money they are getting through that click. Now you might think, can you ask your family and friend to go ahead and click on those Ads? See that somebody is paying to show that Ad and for the click. So absolutely no false clicks. There were spams/scams with such things. We are not here to play scam, but to learn how to build a decent business and thus good money.  Moreover, it is against Google policy to encourage others to click on your Ad. You simply show the Ad, if visitors are interested, they will click and your will get money. Google is smart enough to know false clicks, since it is one of their main revenue we can assume they are pretty decent on enforcing those policies. I’m not sure how quickly they catch such things, since in my close to a decade of being online not clicked single time on my own Ad 🙂

Okay, ready to start with Adsense. Go ahead and create a google account if you don’t have one already. And fill in the Adsense request form. It might take some time (usually less than a business day) for Google to get back with the request status. Usually it is a positive reply.

It will be good to know the following adsense terminologies.

1. Ad Unit – This is something you have guessed – a unit of Advertisement. You can choose from many predefined formats.

2. Channel – you can define a channel and track the performance of Ads. You may define custom channel where you group Ad units together or URL channel to track performance of Ads on a URL. For this post, you just need to play around with Ad Unit.

Now let us walk through the process

Go to Adsense url (search for adsense and click – that way I don’t have to give you an url that might change in the future)



Choose ‘New ad unit’


Here you will have options to choose Ad formats. Choose one you prefer. If you are first timer, don’t worry about the performance etc., you can always come back and get a new Ad unit.




What kind of Ad you prefer? Text only or with pictures. Make your selection.





Until this point, even if you select the default options, you should be fine.

Now get the code for the Ad unit you just created.



You adsense is ready. Google gives you a piece of code that you need to copy and paste in to your website.

What if you lost this code? No worries – you can comeback to adsense and regenerate the same code.





Next we need to incorporate adsense in to our wordpress. This step is easy.

You need to go to your wordpress admin, Appearance -> Widgets area. Choose a Text Widget and add to the side bar. Now simply paste the adsense code you received.  Save the post. You are all done.

When you load your blog, the adsense will start displaying ads. It takes couple of minutes for a fresh account to start showing Ads – that is normal.

At this point, you have a blog that is showing ads. If a user clicks on the ad you will get commission from Google.

Now send your blog to every one in your email contact and share it in your social connections. Note that you should not indicate in any way to click on your ad. If you do it, you breach Google policy. If you send it to many contacts, and if they are interested they will check out the Ads earning you commission. For Google to pick up naturally, you need to have great contents. Once your contents start showing up in Google, you are all set with a steady income.

If this is that easy, it doesn’t leave any excuse for you not to try it out. Try this out right away!

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