How to register your domain easily

It is good to know some theory behind this – it will help you do better. This theory is not mandatory for the registration so if you are dying to register now move on to the section ‘Registering your domain’ below. 🙂
First let us see what a domain name is. To reach to this site you have to come to a domain name called That is the name of the domain you are currently reading this article on. Now if you want the same name for your site, obviously this is not possible. So there has to be somebody who is responsible to make sure such things and provide you with a name that is only for you. In the US, InterNIC is the group that is responsible for this. For example InterNIC is responsible for all the domains ending with .com ( and all .com is a US domain). There are other organizations in other countries to do the same.

Okay, now that you understood what a domain name is. Now let us see why it is needed.

If you ever knew what IP address is, that is the number a computer uses to connect to another computer. Your browser runs in your computer and it is now connected to another computer on which is running. So your computer needs to know the isellglobal computer IP address.

Yes, you don’t need a domain name , but just an IP address. Now if you were told to remember instead of; I can barely have any visitor in my site. Why? nobody is going to remember that number. So you need a human understandable name that gets translated to an IP address. That is the domain name!

Now, assume I change my site to another computer with a different IP address, the domain name will still stay the same, only thing is at the time of changing, I will attach new IP address to the domain name. This association is done in DNS (Domain Name Server)

I hope I did not bore you – this will definitely help you when you are trying to register a domain and start using it. If you still want to know more check here: .

Good thing is you can register without knowing any of these details.

Now the basics are clear, let us move on to registration

Registering your domain:

Registrars help you here. They are the companies with a website where you go an enter the domain name of your choice. They check with a central repository (as given above) and if the name is available you can proceed with the registration.

They may charge a yearly fee to maintain the records. Practically almost all of the registrars give more than just the name. They will give you a DNS also (read above) and sometimes a web hosting package. Sometimes it is good to keep the registrar and host provider different. But for a beginner it is good to go with the simplest option. Personally I use namecheap for the registration and hostgator as the hosting provider. I kept it for my flexibily, if I want to move out of hostgator to bluehost or amazon webservice that will be easy for me. For a beginner; I recommend to register directly with hostgator or bluehost so you don’t have to worry too much about it.

You should be able to get started with less than $10. And within a couple of hours you can have your site up and running. Honestly, it is a good feeling especially if you haven’t done before.

So register it today. Once you have registered refer to my article to set up and run your website.

Good luck!


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