Is SEO only way to generate traffic to your blog


With consistent approach you can increase your traffic

You write blogs just for one purpose – so that others can read and benefit. So, it is not only the requirement that your write a good blog, but you should make it available to others. In other words, help yourself generate traffic to your blog. First and foremost, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the right thing to do. But is it the only way. Let us explore:

First let us discuss SEO. To be very practical, SEO is a misnomer. Any SEO guy will NOT optimize it for search engine, but they do optimize it for Google. So it should have called GO :). But we will stick to the industry vocabulary.

Good SEO is about writing a content that is your readers love. Then make it optimize in a way Google understand find out what your content is all about (this is on-page optimization). In on page optimization, you care about the title, heading, some htmls tags etc. Then you go to other places and make your content available there. Basically, you get involved in discussions, forums, article directories (and million other such things) and bring the visitors from there to your content. This is off-page optimization. Simple to say, but for a good result it requires some effort. So, in a super simplistic way this is what SEO. This will give you traffic and most of the traffic will be from search engines. But what about other techniques?

Let us see.

I will detail some of the techniques here, but keep in mind that eventually everyone has their own style. So experiment with these and find that works for your style.

1. Advertise: This is a conventional wisdom. You can start with Google itself for paid ads. But there are million other places for advertisement. You just need to search for it.

2. Do guest blogging: Find out a blog doing good in your niche. Contact the owner for writing chances. You may not have success with extremely popular blogs if you are a beginner. Find out the right one for you.

3. Write stellar content and contact others : If you write a stellar content with infographics, images and videos. People will refer those from their sites. This will naturally increase the traffic

4. Write about others so that they boast about them and refer your site : I think this is very much self explanatory

5. Ask opinions to others and write a post about it: This similar to the above point. This is easy to make contact with others and other may reciprocate referring to your content

6. Do Social: When you have good whats app groups, facebook friends etc. It will be the ready made source of traffic. And ask them to share if they like it.

7. Get involved in discussions: And wherever it makes sense, refer it back to your site. Repeat, only wherever, it makes sense.

8. Email marketing: Never fail to capture email of your users and send new posts to them.

9. Videos : Youtube is a great source to get traffic. Create good videos and optimize the content.

10. PDF: Create great pdfs and share/mail it. PDF content should have appropriate link back to your site.

11. Create viral contents: Think of opportunities to create a viral content. It could be as simple as a good joke, an puzzle, an image etc.

So, am I done listing? No. I have purposely left out some methods that may harm you in the long run.

But these lists are extremely helpful in bringing a quality traffic to your blog.

And it is very simple to try it out. Give it a try now!


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