Is Wealthy Affiliates a Scam?

is wealthy affiliate a scamWhen it comes to making money online, first you will come across lots of mess. People promising get rich in 24 hours etc. If you have any brain, you should stay away from it.

However, there are many genuine programs that offer training – not showing how to get rich over night. Training is a sequence of steps taught to reach the goal. The goal itself will depend upon you. So, our discussion is:  “is Wealthy affiliate a scam ?” or genuine one?

Let me be honest. I just joined wealthy affiliate premium program and I will try not to bias you either way. I’m going to list down what I found being a premium member. They do offer a free membership and if you are just exploring opportunities, there is no reason for you to spend money on it until it is an absolute necessity.

Things That I found in WA

1. Wealthy Affiliate community

This is the best part of it. If you are not already established in the online, you will like the part that there is a community you can talk to and get suggestions and feedback. This will motivate to a great extent.

2. Certification Training

There is a 5 level certification training that comes with WA. I complete this in a week. There are lots of detail. If you do not have ANY idea about online marketing, still it will benefit you. But it can take some time to digest all the info, if you do not have any idea about what is being discussed.

3. Website builder

This is simple – you click a button and there is a website for you. Any one who has worked with wordpress will know the initial learning process they had to go through. Here, system takes care of that pain.

4. There are visible success stories

People have started making some money in couple of months. This is exciting to know that people from various fields are making money very quickly, this will motivate you. However, I also should mention that, there are people making just some coins after a year. However, those people also have found other opportunities as the side product of their WA membership

5. Not much upselling

You register to any program, you will start getting offers about other products. In WA it is much less. There are subtle up selling efforts, such as encouraging you to take an annual membership etc. But nothing irritating.

6. You can become an WA affiliate itself

This is very interesting. WA gives training on how to become an WA affiliate. After all, every one needs to make money. The link I have given to WA is also an affiliate link.

7. Live video training

Weekly you can get in to a webcast and join a topical training. You can ask questions and get answered. This has been very valuable.

8. Tools

There are some tools, even though not perfect provided by WA – free of cost. It will get you started without having to spend any more money.

9. Teaches a process

They are trying to teach you a process. However, it is not all that smooth. And I don’t think it will ever be because of the nature of the topic. Marketing involves science and art.

The basic process is to: find a nice, build a web site, research low competition keywords, write a good content article

It looks very simple, but in practicality to get to the top results of search engines, it takes time.

Then you will be introduced to create video and upload to youtube, and link back and forth from the article. Then how important is social media etc. So it can become bit painful when you are really wanting to rank your content. But no one can help here, that is the nature of the business. I also learned that this is something I will have to go through.

You cannot join Wealthy Affiliate if you are planning to promote a product or service. That keeps some of the scams away.

So, if you are determined to put some effort and is interested in making a successful online business, WA is a decent place to invest some money.

So, Is Wealthy affiliates a scam? Probably it is far from being a scam, but you cannot expect to become rich very quickly. I have seen people doubting why WA promotes itself as the affiliate program. Well, as I mentioned every business wants to make money.

If you do not make any money, at least you will walk away with lots of learning.

If you want to see how WA looks like, you can join for free, by clicking this link

Some facts about WA

Where to join as a free member ( they will give you limited time access):  Click Here

How long is the free membership with limited access: 7 days (please check their website for most current info )

Premium monthly membership fee: $47 ( first month there is a discount)

If you have any questions, please drop me a comment.

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  1. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a scam! How the program you can join for free for an unlimited period of time and gives you a FULL access to all its resources at your will can be a scam? I’ve been through many affiliate programs- this one is the best.

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