Monetization mechanisms for a blog

affiliate_monetizationYou have a blog and you spent time and effort on it to get to the shape where it is now. Then why can’t you find some ways to generate some income from it? As long as you do it ethically, you will be able to help ethical people and  your readers will support you also. So, here are some monetization mechanisms for a blog.

1. Adsense

This is my favorite. Easy to setup and trust worthy. This is the service provided by Google where you can sign up to show Google Ads on your site. It doesn’t take much to sign up and if your readers click on the ad in you site; they will share a portion of their revenue with you. So if you have a good number of viewers and a reasonable click through rate, you can get a pretty commission.

The equation would be

Number of visitors X CTR = Pay Day

Placement of the Ad can significantly impact the CTR. Google has pretty good resources on it. And if you have any question, drop me a mail or comment.

2. Affiliate Programs

This is one of the famous ( some times infamous :), I will explain later ) method of revenue in the online business. What you do here is to simply promote products through your blog and if your readers decide to buy it after clicking the product from your site, you will get a commission. To find an affiliate program in your niche, simply Google, you should find a bunch

Why I mentioned some of the affiliate programs are infamous; just because it is setup to trick the customer in to buying the product with lots of false promises. That should not be the way to do any business. But there are plenty of good programs out there also.

3. Amazon Affiliates

Just like Google Adsense; Amazon Affiliates could be trusted. They do a decent business and they want to share commission with partners that bring them business. So if you have a blog with traffic and you mention any of their products and the visitor happens to click that link and buy the product; you earn the commission. You will earn commission even if the user will buy any other product within a day.

4. eBooks selling

Probably you will be wondering why I did not mention clickbank! This is not my favorite – not because you cannot earn money; but because of the spam involved in there. Most of the eBooks there do not fulfill the promises and blown out of proportion. You will need a good research to find a genuine eBook that you can promote from your site. If you come across one, do that. Clickbank is easy to setup and run.

Another option is to write your own eBook. This is not very difficult. You are the best in your subject. Then you think of the biggest problem or most interesting thing in your domain; break it down in to smaller tasks then expand each task. I have seen eBooks for the perfect shot in the golf and vertical jump in the basket ball that sells well. If you can come across one promote it through your site.

5. CPA (Cost Per Action/Acquisition)

To be precise CPA could be applied to all the affiliate and advertisement revenue methods we discussed above, because you get payment for an action – whether it is an ad impression, click etc. But in practice CPA is used in the context where you get paid based on some level of acquisition you make for the seller of a product or service. You might bring customers to the seller where the customer just signs up. A lead is generated here. Seller can in future follow up using this customer lead. There are many CPA network that is in the market.

Now I will list some famous affiliate and CPA providers. Please note; these are just samples are it is ever growing. You should also look for the opportunity directly comes from the seller also.

Take a look at these popular Affiliate networks

# Network URL
1 Rakuten Linkshare
2 CJ by Conversant
3 ClickBank
4 ShareASale
5 Affiliate Window
6 AvantLink
7 Amazon
8 LinkConnector
9 TradeDoubler
10 eBay Partner Network
11 Avangate
12 oneNetwork Direct
13 FlexOffers
14 WebGains
15 affiliatefuture
16 AffiliateNetwork
17 RevenueWire
18 Performance Horizon Group
19 Impact Radius
20 Clix Galore ClixGalore
21 Peer Fly
22 Max Bounty MaxBounty

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