How to choose a hosting provider

web hosting serversHosting provider is the one that will have the server on which your site will run. The process of how to choose a hosting provider is a critical part of the success equation.

What are the check points you should validate before you decide?

Here it is:

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How to register your domain easily

It is good to know some theory behind this – it will help you do better. This theory is not mandatory for the registration so if you are dying to register now move on to the section ‘Registering your domain’ below. 🙂
First let us see what a domain name is. To reach to this site you have to come to a domain name called That is the name of the domain you are currently reading this article on. Now if you want the same name for your site, obviously this is not possible. So there has to be somebody who is responsible to make sure such things and provide you with a name that is only for you. In the US, InterNIC is the group that is responsible for this. For example InterNIC is responsible for all the domains ending with .com ( and all .com is a US domain). There are other organizations in other countries to do the same.

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