Find your niche using these effective techniques

find your niche mind map

Using mind map to find your niche

I will be discussing in the post some of the very effective ways to find your niche. The concepts will really hold good for a spectrum of subjects, starting from starting a blog to establish yourself in the field of your interest.
Let us see why niche is important. It is all about being a specialist than a generalist. Well, generalists are not bad. Actually, you got to be a good generalist before you become specialist, especially if you are planning it to be a career for life. It may not be entirely true for picking a blogging subject. But knowledge is essentially power. So niche is the specialty your are picking for your field of operation.

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How to use Adwords keyword planner to find great ones


When it comes to traffic, Google is the best source. And when it comes to Google, Adword is the best tool as the keyword planner.

Why do we do even the keyword planning? If you have been in to the SEO, you know that you write the contents that people are looking for.

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