Find your revenue stream with Adsense

We will have posts for finding revenue streams that millionaires play around. But let us keep your expectations right. Most exciting moment is making your first dollar. Once you know that you can build on it. Lots of hard work ahead if you really want the online business to be your sole livelihood. In this article, we are going to explore an easy revenue stream that requires no investment except your time and effort.

Google Adsense is our choice , even though there are many such ones. But for the time being, let us go with Adsense.

You can read about adsense from Google itself. However, for purpose of brevity, it is a service by which Google lets publishers ( big word, but you are already a publisher, if you have completed Step1 of this series).

How Adsense work?

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Steps to start your online business for free

If you have ever wondered about starting a online business, this article will help you get there. When you say ‘online business’, the term itself is very broad. There are huge whales in the ocean to the newbies. We will be talking here just very quick process by which you can be up and running your online business.

First of all let me tell you – you are not going to throw away tons of money for this purpose. The main investment at this point will be your time and effort. I doesn’t hurt if you spend a few bucks here are there, but for now we will be exploring the ideas, as per the promise of this article title – ‘free’.

Things that you need for the setting up your business

1. You need a website

2. You need a revenue stream

3. You need to bring people to your website

What could be easier?! Just three steps to get done and you are all set with your first online business. This is not hard at all – but most people sit on the side lines doing nothing. I encourage you to take an action so that by the time you finish reading this you have some deliverable at your service – seriously we are going to do that.

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Build Your Online Empire
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