Standard banner ad sizes

Web banner ads are one of the popular ways to bring traffic to your site.  Even though there is no hard and fast rule what should be your banner size, if you look around you can see that most of the providers are preset to some standard sizes.

Banner ads can be categorized in to three – Horizontal, Tower and Box.

Following are the standard banner ad sizes online

Horizontal Banner Ads

1. 468×60

2. 728×90

3. 234 x 60

Vertical Banner Ads( also known as skyscraper)

1. 120×600 – Skyscraper

2. 160×600 – Wide Skyscraper

3. 120 x 240 – Vertical

Box Banner Ads( Rectangle or Square)

1. 250×250

2. 200 x 200

3. 125 x 125 ( button )

2. 300×250

3. 336 x 280

4. 180 x 150

5. 88 x 31


Which one among this is best, depends on each campaign. For example, if your ad is optimized for a mobile device you might want to choose a size that will fit most of the mobile devices. This could mean that in the bigger screens it might look smaller.

If you want to see it visually Google images should help you: Banner Ad Images

More on the banner ads is coming soon…

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