Steps to start your online business for free

If you have ever wondered about starting a online business, this article will help you get there. When you say ‘online business’, the term itself is very broad. There are huge whales in the ocean to the newbies. We will be talking here just very quick process by which you can be up and running your online business.

First of all let me tell you – you are not going to throw away tons of money for this purpose. The main investment at this point will be your time and effort. I doesn’t hurt if you spend a few bucks here are there, but for now we will be exploring the ideas, as per the promise of this article title – ‘free’.

Things that you need for the setting up your business

1. You need a website

2. You need a revenue stream

3. You need to bring people to your website

What could be easier?! Just three steps to get done and you are all set with your first online business. This is not hard at all – but most people sit on the side lines doing nothing. I encourage you to take an action so that by the time you finish reading this you have some deliverable at your service – seriously we are going to do that.

Step1: Setting up website

Let us be straight to the point. We are not going to do a heavy design website. Some sites come alive after so many man years of effort. Our focus is not that. We are setting up our first website, or if you have tried before, first better site that has a business opportunity.

There are so many options. But let us get started with something really quick.

Jump to and follow these steps.


Here you choose a name for your site. Continue to the next step


Here you enter your details and choose a user name of your choice. In the next step you will be prompted to buy your own domain name. We will discuss in another article more about the domain name and buying your own. Let us keep focused on our task  – we are setting up a free online business, that too quickly. So in the step 3 screen, just click ‘No Thanks’

Step 4 will let you choose theme. Some themes will be shown up front. Select a simple one here. It has to be text oriented. I have given my choice for our purpose below.


This will be the theme we will be using.


Then choose a free plan.


We are kind of done. We have site right now, but there is nothing in it. So without wasting any time, we right away go ahead click ‘Start your first Post’


Start writing your first post. For now the content really doesn’t matter. At this point, this of a conversation with your family or friend about a topic of your interest. Then start ‘talking’ from your end. Write at least 500 words.



Once you are done writing your ‘article’, hit publish on the screen.


Wow! done. Your first article is posted. You are online with your own website and your own content.

At this moment, you are can play around with customizing the theme and play around with other features. Don’t worry if you will mess up anything, if you do there is always a way to revert back. Worst case, you create a new such site 🙂

You have successfully completed your main STEP1.

Now let us proceed to identifying your revenue stream.

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